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Agency-Operator Opportunities

Established in 1987, Writer’s Cramp is a digital transcription service that produces professional transcripts for a variety of clients, including the Federal Courts. We’ve done all the work finding the clients – by setting up shop under us, you’ll have a steady stream of revenue-generating work.

Transcriptions at Net Speed
Digital transcription, in which we specialize, is especially convenient: it allows for the immediate transfer of audio from our clients to us via the Internet. It also gives us a higher degree of flexibility with staffing and the ability to provide our clients with faster project completion times.

Officially Certified
We were certified in 1990 by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in Washington, DC to provide transcription to Federal Court Judges. We initially provided transcripts to only one clerk in Newark, New Jersey and now we conduct business in approximately 8 states and support approximately 15 clerk’s offices within those states.

A Wide Variety of Transcription Services
For our corporate clients, we transcribe focus groups, telephone conferences, board meetings, conference speakers, and other business proceedings. The experience we have gained, along with our outstanding reputation in the digital transcription field, gives us the ability to offer established and budding entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to become part of our network of professionals.

If you have a strong academic background, the ability to recruit and train a small staff of transcribers, and want to be in your own business, please contact us today.

This is a full-time, entrepreneurial, owner-operator opportunity. To be an Agency Operator candidate, you’ll need top managerial and administrative skills ( i.e, grammar, proofreading, punctuation, editing, etc.). As an Agency Operator, you’ll receive most of your work via FedEx, FTP/online transfers, and regular mail.

High Income Potential
The income potential for this opportunity is $175,000/year gross and $75,000/year net. No financial investment is required. Your pay begins as soon as you successfully prepare a short sample transcript. From there we aggressively increase your page count and exposure to the complexities of our industry. That allows us to maximize your income as quickly as possible. As soon as your skill level allows, we will provide you with a mix of seasoned, experienced professionals and new transcribers to start the process of staffing your operation. When completed, your staff will be capable of producing over 50,000 pages/year. Our goal is to have you “hit the ground running,” and not look back.

You’ll Receive Thorough Knowledge Enhancement.
Our approach to success is on-the-job knowledge development. You will learn while you earn. We will work side-by-side with you each step of the way. You will learn the intricacies of our industry from a team of top professionals. We are considered to be “experts” in the industry, so you would be learning from the best.

We will instruct you in all areas of operations: project management, FTP transfer procedures, personnel selection, employee training, bookkeeping (Quickbooks), payroll, and report production, among other important transcription-business operations.

Our vigorous application process will assist in assessing each candidate’s potential for functioning successfully as an Agency Operator.

Each candidate must have a 4-year college degree, managerial experience, top administrative skills, and computer savvy. Don’t delay! The next step is to forward your resume, saved in MS Word or Wordperfect, to us via this contact form.

At-Home Transcriber Opportunity

We provide free training to qualified candidates for our federal court transcription program.  Our two phase home study program is a combination of transcript review and testing (non-paid) and transcript production (paid).

Phase One – Software/Training Material Deployment
Each candidate will need to load several digital audio programs on their computer to complete the home-study portion of the process.  All candidates will have to be computer literate or have an advisor ready to assist them in downloading and activating the software.  Next, comes the receipt of our training manual and other materials.  This phase should take approximately 2 days.

Phase Two – Transcriber Audition
Phase Two consists of initiating the home-study process and preparation for preliminary testing.  We allow approximately 4 to 7 days to complete this process.  A sample transcript is produced after that time and if it is acceptable, we will waive the formal test.   The first three live, paid transcripts that are produced are considered to be part of Phase Two.

Phase Three – Staff Assignment
All candidates that successfully complete Phase Two will be assigned to a Project Coordinator.  To receive permanent staff assignment, a candidate must show potential to produce “final” work.  They will also begin to receive a full workload.

Standard – Heavy general transcription experience and some advanced secretarial or trade-school training.  This candidate will require complete development as a federal court transcriber, which equates to approximately 3 to 6 months of training.

Secondary – Some legal-secretary, deposition, and/or state court transcription.  This candidate will require approximately 30 days of training to be able to contribute as a staffer.

Advanced – Heavy court reporting or federal court transcription experience.  This candidate will need very little training and will be able to contribute as a staffer almost immediately.

This is not a part-time evening or weekend-only offering.  All candidates must be available at home, during business hours, for a minimum of 25 hours/week. We expect all staffers to be able to produce a minimum of 200 pages/week.  As we accept and produce a high percentage of “daily” requests, some evening and weekend work is required.

As digital audio files require a high level of capacity, minimum computer requirements include: 2.0 GHz processor speed, 400 GB hard drive, and 1.0 GB ram.  You will need Windows XP to load the (free) digital software that will be needed.  You must also have a high-speed Internet connection and a digital foot pedal.  Finally, you must be able to unzip files that will be sent to you.

Our staff rates range between $1.25/page and $2.75/page, depending upon a number of factors, including the candidate’s/staffer’s experience, education, and availability.  Transcripts designated as “dailies” are automatically paid at a higher rate.  We also have an incentive program that provides bonus income for staffers that advance beyond our standard level of transcription.

The Next step:
If you haven’t already done so, the next step is to send us your resume.  If you have already done that, the next step is to take a typing test that can be found online at  Have the results sent to your e-mail address and then forward a copy to us at the e-mail address listed below.

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