Blue Coal was an anthracite coal cleaning and processing plant in Ashley, Pennsylvania that began to fall on hard times after World War II.  The company finally declared bankruptcy in 1976.  The bankruptcy case was winding down in 1993 when we became involved.  We received a strong recommendation from the clerk’s office for the District Court in Philadelphia to take over all transcription for the case and we remained in that capacity for the remainder of the case, approximately two years.  That was our first major bankruptcy case and it afforded us a great opportunity to learn a lot about bankruptcy procedures and terminology.  Most pre-trial hearings had multiple parties involved and they were very antagonistic towards each other.  It took all of Judge John J. Thomas’ skills, and patience at times, to maintain courtroom decorum.  It also required us to be vigilant in determining speakers and separating dialogue.  By the time the case ended, we had garnered a reputation for our professionalism and our specialization in bankruptcy transcription.

We have built on that experience in the 20 years following that case and have enhanced  our reputation for being dedicated to the field of bankruptcy transcription.  You can use our Contact Us form to get more information or our Transcript Request form to send us your next bankruptcy project.

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