Qualitative Transcription:

Qualitative analysis is an essential tool for all sizes of contemporary businesses.  In this information age, it is essential to have all the relevant facts related to customer service or new product development.  Whether you are holding a series of meetings with management teams, or meeting with customers to determine their level of satisfaction, it is imperative to obtain accurate and timely information.  In some cases, an organization may just be attempting to improve on existing services in order to be more competitive.  In any event, the information that is sought will be relied upon to make changes and improve market share.

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We Specialize in Assisting Qualitative Consultants:

Our team of transcribers specialize in providing accurate, complete and timely transcripts for qualitative consultants.  We have over 30 years of experience supporting qualitative consultants.  Whether the discussion relates to market trends, customer profiles, emerging markets, or customer satisfaction, our expertise can add value to your information collection process.  Once you record your meeting, or focus group, you can then concentrate on the collection process itself rather than the documentation process.  Our transcribers will ensure that the feedback you provide is spot-on and will be fully accepted by your clients.

Why Choose A Qualitative Transcription Specialist:

We provide exemplary, outstanding qualitative transcripts.  We have an excellent reputation as a result of working with qualitative consultants over many years.  We make every attempt to personalize our service and provide great rates.  Our primary success stems from the fact that we care about our clients and their qualitative needs.  We also care about our reputation and go to great lengths to protect it.  In that regard, we are very selective in the screening process for staff and do our best to give them the training they need to be successful.

Our Qualitative Transcription Service Encompasses:

·        Focus groups

·        Customer Feedback

·        Telephone Interviews

·        Panel Discussions

·        Guest Speakers

·        Opinion Polls

·        Consumer Forums

·        Advertising Research

·        Marketing Surveys

Contact our References:

What sets us apart is the relationship we have developed with our qualitative research clients.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for our references.  Even though we have a few listed on this website, we are more than willing to provide you with access information to a couple of very satisfied clients.  They have consented to give you a brief description of their first-hand experience with us.  You can use our contact page to reach us or call us at (609) 588-8043.

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