Are you an attorney or other legal professional looking to lighten your workload and make your job easier? Turn to Writer’s Cramp, the premier New Jersey legal transcription service. Since 1987, we’ve been providing businesses and organizations with quick, reliable digital transcription services.

Our years of experience have made us experts in the field of legal transcription, allowing us to transcribe trials and hearings of all natures. In fact, we’re certified as federal court transcribers by the Administrative Office of the Courts in Washington, DC.

Transcription Service in New Jersey Gets the Job Done Right

So what exactly makes Writer’s Cramp better than the competitors, you ask? The difference is that we care deeply about our customers and their success. With every job, we work to bring you service that can be described as all of the following:

  • Fast: No matter what type of material you’re dealing with, we’ll get your transcription done in a flash. Depending on our availability and the size of your project, we may even be able to complete it overnight or on the same day that you request it.
  • Affordable: Our per-page pricing method leaves no room for surprises. Before starting your New Jersey legal transcription project, we’ll give you a free estimate to determine the projected page count and total cost of your job.
  • Convenient: To make things easy, we have a secure server to which you can upload as many as five files at a time. This way, you can safely transfer your files to us in a matter of seconds.
  • Accurate: Because we only hire qualified, domestic transcribers, you can rest assured that your transcriptions will be spot-on in terms of spelling, grammar, slang, and cultural references.

Writer’s Cramp Offers a Huge Range of Services for Legal Professionals

In order to assist you in your legal work, we can transcribe a variety of materials, including:

  • Legal pleadings
  • Court proceedings
  • Court transcripts
  • Client letters
  • Legal letters and briefs
  • General correspondences
  • 341 hearings
  • Investigation transcripts
  • And much more

Hire Writer’s Cramp, The Best Legal Transcription Service in New Jersey

If you’re a legal professional who is ready to pass off some of your work to a trusted New Jersey legal transcription company, contact Writer’s Cramp today. Simply call us at 609-588-8043 or visit our website to find out more about what we can do as your transcription service in New Jersey. We look forward to assisting you!